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Set Title: T53 Cowboy Series Hassan Tobacco Card - An Exciting Game
Manufacturer: Hassan Cigarettes
Country: US (United States)
Item Type: Card
Set/Single: Single
Number/Title: An Exciting Game
Year: 1900-1919
Grade: NM
Price: $1.95
Qty Avail: 5
Item#: 3045
Description: When the Hassan Tobacco Cowboy Series was issued in 1911, the manufacturer found the subject matter of "An Exciting Game" objectionable and withheld it from production. Now, over 100 years later, this fantasy card will finally complete the 50-card set. (This is the only version of this card with the HASSAN back you will find) Limited to only 300 copies (150 of each factory). So when you purchase this you get both factory backs for one price - when you buy one you actually get both backs!

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Category: Vintage Non-Sport > 1870-1919

T53 Cowboy Series Hassan Tobacco Card - An Excitin
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