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Set Title: Escape From New York
Manufacturer: Todds Concept Gum
Country: US (United States)
Item Type: Test Wrapper, Card and Sticker
Set/Single: Single
Year: 1981
Grade: NM
Price: $8.00
Qty Avail: 5
Item#: 3093
Description: I had been thinking about the Topps Test Issues of the 1960's-70's and there are several issues where no wrapper is known or only fun-pack style wrappers were used. I wondered what the wrappers might have looked like if Topps had done actual "test" style wrappers to go with the sets. So I decided to design and make them for myself. The majority of these are all my own designs, but a few were influenced by other sources and the source is listed. From there I started designing both wrappers and cards for other movies and TV shows where no card set was ever created. I have designed them to look like they could have been made when the show came out.

The wrappers and cards are all high quality handmade examples, made as authentically as possible. The wrappers are "test" style with wax -like paper with a sticker just like the original "test" wrappers.

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Category: Vintage Non-Sport > Concept "test" Series > Wrappers & Cards

Escape From New York Wrapper & Card & Sticker
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Wrapper comes with card and sticker