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Set Title: Morbid Monster Cards
Manufacturer: NostalgiCards
Country: US (United States)
Item Type: Box Full
Set/Single: Single
Number/Title: Sealed 36 pack box
Year: 1999
Grade: NM
Price: $35.00  Sale $15.00
Qty Avail: 5
Item#: 490
Description: Each box conatins 36 packs with 6 regular cards and 1 foil parallel per pack.

This was the first series of trading cards made by NostalgiCards. They combined themes popular to trading cards from the nostalgic 1960's and 1970's to come up with this series of artwork monsters. The fronts all show images of the monsters head (similar to the popular Ugly Stickers series) while the back contains a clever limerick about the beast.

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Category: Modern Non-Sport > NostalgiCards > Boxes

Morbid Monster Cards Sealed 36 pack box NM
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Sample Front

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