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Set Title: Galaxy Goons
Manufacturer: NostalgiCards
Country: US (United States)
Item Type: Promo Cards
Set/Single: Single
Number/Title: P1: Fish Gordon
Year: 2002
Grade: NM
Price: $1.00
Qty Avail: 1
Item#: 599
Description: Each promo is hand numbered out of 650.

Galaxy Goons was done as a very limited "test" series. Only 300 boxes were made. The box is made of white cardboard with art glued to the lid. Each box contained 24 cello packs and a signed and numbered box topper card. The set was obviously influenced by the Odd Rods series of stickers from the 1970's.
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Category: Modern Non-Sport > NostalgiCards > Promotional

P1 Fish Gordon (Front)
Stock Photo - NOT ACTUAL ITEM!
P1 Fish Gordon (Back)
Stock Photo - NOT ACTUAL ITEM!