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Set Title: Marvel : Figure Factory : Series I
Manufacturer: Toy Biz
Country: US (United States)
Item Type: Card
Set/Single: Single
Number/Title: 49: Vulture
Year: 2005
Grade: NM
Price: $1.50
Qty Avail: 0
Item#: 704
Description: Toy Biz released this series of Marvel characters in their "Figure Factory" series of toys. The toys are small dioramas of Marvel comic characters. Inside each figure you got a random assortment of 4 trading cards. The series I cards have blue borders. When you collect all 64 cards in the set both sides make a large puzzle. The front combines all the characters into a large scene while the back makes a mosaic of Spiderman.
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Category: Modern Non-Sport > Promotional > Toy Inserts

49 - Front
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49 - Back
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